Rolex South Coast Plaza

Coast Floors Completed Rolex South Coast Plaza Flooring Project

rolex south coast plaza

On Level 2 the Costa Mesa, California, South Coast Plaza mall, yet another elegant, high-end luxury outlet has opened to the public. The new Rolex South Coast Plaza brings together the ambiance of European boutique, the prestige of a century-long tradition of unbeatable quality, and the affluence and convenience of a multi-lingual staff. When you walk inside the new Rolex, however, you may find your eyes drawn immediately downward to the floor. A luxury-level sales experience is simply not complete without a luxury environment in which to shop, and the uniqueness of the natural stone patterning that adorns this Rolex's floor space perfectly complements the precision and quality that customers expect in the Rolex brand.

It is no accident that Rolex South Coast Plaza has one of the most beautiful tile floors in South Coast Plaza, for they relied on Coast Floors, Inc. a custom commercial tile company with a 30-year history in Orange County, California, to install the tiling to their exact specifications. In cooperation with MS International, Coast Floors procure the rare Crème Marfil 12x24 tiles, which came in extraordinary 2CM slab-stone material. Using a mudset application process, Coast Floors specialists firmly and precisely placed each tile. Exact, professional cutting techniques, an eye for symmetry, and constant attention to detail helped Coast Floors make this Rolex outlet floor into a veritable work of artistry.

rolex south coast plaza

The Rolex South Coast Plaza is by no means exceptional, however, in another sense. For Coast Floors has put this kind of intense effort into numerous other high-end floor projects with similarly impressive results. All across Orange County, CA, and beyond, you will find high-end retail stores, upscale restaurants, plush hotels, luxury auto dealerships, and other establishments that have had their floors done by Coast Floors. The overwhelmingly positive reviews and frequent repeat customers, along with the enduring attractiveness of the floors themselves, all testify to Coast Floors' astounding success.

rolex south coast plaza

Located in Irvine, CA, Coast Floors has been a family owned and operated business for three decades and running. They specialize in high-end commercial flooring projects, and the Rolex South Coast Plaza job is only the latest example. By excelling at complex, unique projects, meeting deadlines even under difficult circumstances, and customizing each project to exact customer specifications, they have built a strong reputation in Orange County, CA, and beyond. By consistently surpassing local and national safety standards and supporting humanitarian efforts like Habitat for Humanity, they have inspired the confidence and won the respect of their many clients.

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