Tips To Keep Your Commercial Floors Clean

keep commercial floors clean

It is very important to keep your commercial floors clean at your business place. It gives a good impression and confidence to customers to do business with you.

Here are some tips to clean your commercial floors:

• Mop the floors daily using a good mop to prevent dirt build ups. You can also use a vacuum for a hard floor or carpet.

• For tough stains and dirt, use a nylon scrubbing pad or brush and some cleaning agents. One thing to keep in mind is that always start from a small amount to prevent discoloring your floors and always avoid using bleach. Bleach could potentially damage your commercial floors and discolor it. Not to mention the harmful smell it produces, it will leave a bad impression to customers and potentially driving them away.

• Check the ingredients of the cleaning agents on the back before buying.

• Read the directions carefully before using the cleaning agents.

• Do not mix ammonia and bleach as they will product a very harmful gas.

• Do not use harsh acidic chemicals.

• For tiles, do not wax them to make them look shiny. Stick with regular cleaning.

• In case spills happen, make sure you clean them right away. The longer you leave the stains, the harder it will be to remove them.

• When regular cleaning is not enough and there's nothing else you can do, contact a professional cleaner around your area.