Coast Floors Is Announcing Their New Location

December 9, 2014

Las Vegas, NV: Coast Floors, one of California's premier, high-end flooring companies, is in the process of relocating to the state of Nevada. They will be headquartered in Henderson, which lies on the southeast corner of the Las Vegas metropolitan zone. They will service the entire are metro area, including: downtown Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, Spring Valley, North Las Vegas, and more.

Coast Floors has experienced phenomenal growth since their founding over 26 years ago. They a family owned and operated company that is now on its third generation of in-family management. Their high-quality commercial floor covering materials, their willingness to customize every detail of their work to suit the client's preferences, and their commitment to excellent customer service have fueled their rising-star status in the commercial floor covering industry.

Restaurants, malls, high-end retail establishments, auto display rooms, hospitals, and a host of other businesses have chosen the commercial floor covering expertise of Coast Floor over the competition. Many of them have been so pleased with the results as to partner with Coast Floors in beautifying the commercial floor covering of multiple locations within their chain of stores.

Coast Floors has a wide inventory of flooring options to select from. They specialize in providing luxurious stone and tile flooring, including Italian marble. They can work with each client to provide a customized tile type and floor pattern. Their staff has a reputation for getting every job done in a timely, quality fashion. They examine every nook and cranny of the new floor surface and polish it to perfection. The seams and the edges are protected against dirt build-up and are wisely matched to or contrasted with the style of the tiles. A mansion-like ambiance pervades the finished product, producing a memorable customer experience. Coast Floor's clients in California have been abundantly pleased with how well their new floor surface has reflected on their business' professionalism. Their new clients in Nevada will soon see how effectively a gorgeous floor can attract returning customers.

Coast Floors is a non-union business that has obtained a C20 Nevada tiling license (#79503). Their Henderson location, as long has their California location, will support Habitat for Humanity, which helps those caught in poverty have a chance at a better life. To learn more about Coast Floors' track record of excellence and what you can expect from them at their new location in Henderson, Nevada, visit their informative online presentation.