Clinker Tile

Coast Floors Adds German Clinker Tile to Its Products List

clinker tile

Clinker tile, a luxury-level German import, is now being offered along with the other high-quality tile types sold and installed by Coast Floors. Clinker tiles are durable to the point of often being labeled "indestructible." They are extremely easy to maintain, making them a perennial flooring choice for hotels and public buildings. They are also oil, acid, and alkaline resistant, fitting them for use in heavy industrial environments. Finally, they can be special-ordered with a non-slip surface that lives up to the high standards set by insurers and professional associations.

The new clinker tile selection available through Coast Floors includes several classic looks that all come in a classy matte finish. The red clinker tiles are particularly classic, having been on the market since 1870, and are the oldest product listed in the Argelith catalog. Coast Floors' expert staff has the tools and expertise to cut clinkers to a minute degree of precision and install them with perfectly level and square positioning. While clinkers may be relatively new to our inventory, we are already fully familiar with how to work with them. We know how to make their natural beauty shine through.

Coast Floors was founded three decades ago, in 1986, and has earned a reputation for excellence in commercial floor coverings all across Orange County and Southern California. Many of Orange County's high-end retail stores, healthcare facilities, upscale restaurants, plush auto dealerships, and more are outfitted with exquisite tiling installed by Coast Floors. Those who are interested in adorning their premises with clinker tile can count on Coast Floors to complete the project in a timely manner, even on complex jobs and under the strictures of a tight schedule.

Clinker tile and other luxury European flooring imports offered by Coast Floors are always carefully selected and tested to verify quality. We work with every customer to ensure he or she understands the options, the benefits and limitations of each product, and optimal tile-care practices. We also listen to our clients and work tirelessly to achieve for them their vision of their future floor, customizing everything to their exact specifications. Coast Floors is a member of the National Tile Contractors' Association and holds to the highest standards of workmanship and work-site safety. We also believe in giving back to the community, which is why our company actively supports Habitat for Humanity of Orange County. For further information, call 714-754-6356 or visit us online at