Brioni South Coast Plaza Project


For over 26 years, Coast Floors Inc. has been developing the skills and reputation necessary to become the premier OC Commercial Flooring Company in California. Their comprehensive sales ability and detail-oriented installation services have been handed down through three generations of family ownership. They have experience working with innovative architectural projects throughout the region and specialize in taking the needs of the customer and bringing them to life beyond all expectations. They have worked with restaurants, automotive dealerships, and even healthcare facilities, designing unique and creative flooring solutions for the most cutting-edge clients.


When customers consider which OC Commercial Flooring Company to chose, Coast Floors stands above the competition for a variety of reasons. In addition to their diverse and extensive experience, they maintain a unique approach to every job that they take on. From the first call to the finished product, each project is evaluated individually while hard and fast principles grounded in quality craftsmanship guide the way forward. They also have an impeccable record when it comes to customer feedback and repeat business. They base their business relationships on trust, communication, and providing quality materials. No other company in the business takes their dedication to the craft more seriously.

Brioni South Coast Plaza

The latest project to benefit from the best OC Commercial Flooring Company is an installation in the South Coast Plaza located in Costa Mesa, CA. This Brioni location prides itself in providing only the finest apparel for men. They offer extraordinary Italian tailoring to customers whose main concern is superior craftsmanship, style, and luxury. Brioni only uses services that will reflect the best when it comes to the details and high-quality raw materials. These ideals made Coast Floors Inc. their one and only choice for flooring services. The 2,634 square-foot boutique to be constructed will welcome and charm customers in a way that no other space can.

Brioni SCP

As the leading OC Commercial Flooring Company, Coast Floors takes great pride in every detail of projects such as these. They begin their work by prepping the unbonded mortar bed. From there, they install a crack-isolation membrane that ensures the integrity of the surface. Over this layer goes TEC FortiFlex 2 Mortar which is followed by Ultimate-Performance Grout. Their superior installation then requires installing a 2-inch solid brass inlay. Then, according to Brioni requirements, they will import an Italian Travertine fabricated from slab in a random pattern. Finally, the Armstrong Excelon VCT will be placed in the stockroom and an imported wool carpet will finish things off in the fitting rooms.

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